Break Usage into: Helpdesk, and General

We don’t really have a good channel for General ontopic julia discussion.

  • Usage is mostly questions
  • Community should be focused on community building type stuff
  • Domains is not general, explictly so

It would be good to have channel to post general kind of:
“How about this cool idea for implementing X”.
Or things that are like a blog post, but more discussy.
Or literally “I posted this blog post what do people think of it?”

The blurb for Usage says:

Questions and discussion about using Julia.

I feel like it should just say questions and we should have General for discussion


This is an interesting idea, but perhaps General is too… general. Is there a better name?

Also, can you link some examples that would fit better into this category than Usage?

Would a tag like discussion, within Usage, be sufficient?


but perhaps General is too… general. Is there a better name?

Discussion? Could have General Julia Discussion and Julia Usage Questions.
General seems to be fine in slack

Also, can you link some examples that would fit better into this category than Usage ?

There are a number of things i have not posted because I can’t find somewhere to post them.

Here are some from Community:

From Usage: these are hard to find cos so many questions.

Would a tag like discussion , within Usage , be sufficient?

Tags seem second class in Discourse,
I don’t even know how to browse by tag.
I click usage category and I am drowned in questions.


Based on the examples provided by @oxinabox, I would say he is approximately interested in what I would name the Brainstorm category. It is a place where theoretical meta-discussions take place, ones which aren’t quite Usage questions. They are brainstorming threads and musings about what to take action on.

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Thanks for the examples, they clarify what you are proposing.

FWIW, I like the current arrangement: I think that questions about best practices, workflow, and package recommendations are fine in Usage, and things to do with the registry have a perfect home in Community.

I don’t think this community is very strict about these things, the worst that can happen is that your post will be moved to another category. This alone should not prevent anyone from posting.

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Here is another one, that was posted in Meta

that feels like it doesn’t have a good home.

Could go in Usage (but it isn’t a question on how to use julia), could go in Community (but it isn’t a question on creating meetups etc)

I put it in #community since that’s where the package announcements sub-forum is, but I agree it’s not a perfect fit.

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I think that is the best fit for it yes.
though since package announcements is only their for historical reasons…
(and because we can’t make it a subforum of announcements, as otherwise it would email a bunch of people.)

Pseudo related comment about usage section:

In any outcome, some way to separate “first steps” from “probably tricky” questions would be nice (whatever you want to call it). I find myself going to Slack when I have something more difficult to ask about Base. There’s a body of knowledge that’s not yet documented/known only by core devs and at least having those types of questions cataloged in one place might be useful for future embellishment of the documentation/generation of FAQs.