BoundsError using fit(LassoPath, X,Y, lambda = grid)

I am a beginner of Julia language. I am learning to fit a multiple regression model using lasso.jl, with fit(LassoPath, X,Y, lambda = grid) My feature matrix (X) contains 238 variables with 52 rows. The response vector has 52 elements. lambda is a vector 751 elements ranging from 0 to 150.

When the dimension of my feature matrix (X) exceeds 104, I get the error: BoundsError: attempt to access 104×105 Matrix{Float64} at index [105, 1]

I did some googling about this error, and couldn’t find solution to this problem. Could you please help.

Ok, I found that the solution is to increase the ‘maxncoef’ argument, and it worked.