Bounding box of object in Makie

Given a Circle(Point(1,2), 3), is it possible to calculate the bounding box of it?

You can get bounding boxes for plot objects via boundingbox(p). GeometryBasics also implements some bounding boxes as Rect(primitive)

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I don’t understand what Rect is doing.

julia> Rect(Circle(Point((0.,0.)), 1.))
Rect2D{Float64}([-1.0, -1.0], [2.0, 2.0])

Oh I didn’t notice you responded. The circle is centered at (0, 0) with radius 1. The Rect contains one corner (-1, -1) and the width (2, 2). There are a bunch of functions like minimum, maximum, widths, origin, etc to get specific things from a Rect.