I’ve been working on a Julia Web3 package for a little while. It’s still in early stages; I’m working on an account manager example to drive development (it’s like a simple contacts list editor).

The idea is to hook Julia up to existing EVMs, not to write an EVM in Julia. Like if you need to use Ethereum smart contracts in a Julia program.


Seems not much has changed in the last couple of years. I was doing a landscape analysis (to setup for Julia-Blockchain · GitHub) on the available tools and it seems like the ones mentioned here are still the only options (and development seems to have slowed on most, not passing judgment, just my quick analysis).

Are there any other packages folks have seen or used in the same vein?


Yep, I’m also looking for the same, please mention here if somebody has already started/is midway into building a component for blockchain.


Is “Julia-Foo” a new naming convention for Julia GitHub orgs? A lot of the existing ones seem to be “JuliaFoo”.

In my case, JuliaBlockchain was already taken.


I’m also considering Blockchain development in Julia.

Maybe a first aproach could be to implement the elements needed for Dapps (decentralized applications) development in Ethereum / Solidity (as there is a lot of benchmarks and tutorials for this protocol).

This needs 3 main components:

  • A wrapper for the solidity compiler;
  • A web3 for interacting with the Ethereum network (there is a beginning thanks to @zot);
  • A ganache equivalent as a provider for web3.

Regarding the application component, we have all we need thanks to @essenciary with the Genie Framework.

I’m starting considering first a py-solc-x equivalent in Julia.