Bipartite networks

Quite new to Julia but we enjoy it a lot. We are currently trying to use it for network analysis working with LightGraph.
We were wondering if some of you could point us to exemple for bi-partite networks analysis done with Julia.
Thanks a lot for your help.

Some functions (like maximum_weight_matching) are optimized for the particular case where the input graph is bipartite because there are some big optimizations to be done and the underlying problem is very often encountered for bipartite graphs. However, there are not so many methods with that kind of optimizations (even if a lot of algorithms could have improvements with a bipartite graph as input) and LightGraphs does not support any particular internal structure for bipartite graphs.
Do you have any particular problem to solve that should leverage the bipartiteness of your graph ?


Thanks a lot for your insights. I was mostly looking for way to process. For exemple, I have a bipartite network reprensented as graphml. I would like to visualize it with adjacency matrix, and would like to project two-mode data to a single mode for analysis.

It seems that I can get the adjacency matrix with the Linear algebra submodule. But would be interested by exemple off process for such analysis.