Biostar Handbook, computational genomics, and Julia - to be or not to be?


Oh nice it cp/pasted blank, it’s here:

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Great! Feel free to put me on as an official maintainer for that package. I also opened an issue for aggregating useful topics to cover. Other things to consider might be what form the handbook takes, I think there’s prior art in the DiffEq ecosystem for tutorials using Literate.jl or Weave.jl, maybe examples elsewhere too.

What I’ve found is I like Literate, where my examples are largely scripts, with some explanatory annotation - I use Literate to make the Documenter .jl, and then generate a pure jl script that can be downloaded (see Pseudoseq examples). Which I think are more “show me” examples. Whilst Weave feels more ergonomic when there’s more explanatory text (perhaps more book like?), punctuated by the odd code chunk.