How to learn Julia for Bioinformatics?

Hello ;
I have did my masters in Bioinformatics but so moved to the experimental Neuroscience 12 years ago.
I would like to return back to Bioinformatics and thought that it would be great to start learning modern Bioinformatics with Julia instead of going through 2 language solution.
Do anyone know how it would be possible to go through basic to advance bioinformatics project with the help of Julia ?
What packages to install to start with it?
Are there any tutorial for Bioinformatics with Julia similar to what are available for Python or R?
I appreciate all the help i can from the Julia community, if there is any community specifically for bioinformatics with Julia please guide me with it.

Probably you can get an overview here: Julia for biologists | Nature Methods

Thanks for suggestion, I went through the paper.
Actually, it has motivated me to learn julia for Bioinformatics.

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An expert will be along soon to point you to BioJulia

In the meantime Practical Julia has a chapter devoted to biology

Practical Julia | No Starch Press

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Tag @kevbonham .

My course is designed to teach computer science in the context of biology. Given your masters, it might be a bit basic for you, but it will teach you Julia syntax with a hopefully familiar set of problems.

Then, my suggestion would be to start tinkering, and ask here or slack or zulip if you need some direction or you get stuck :grinning:

Thanks for your recommendations :+1: