Best package for simple drawings?

I need to do a very simple drawing, with nothing more than lines and filled rectangles.

My go-to for that sort of thing is generally cairo, but I was thinking that GR might be a good option too since it has a low level graphics interface and has scaling functions built-in.

There is also the aptly named “Drawing” package which looks great, but unfortunately does not appear to have not been updated in a quite a while (which is really too bad).

Looking for some suggestions.

Thank you!

edit: aha. Just found Luxor. That looks like it might be perfect…

Also Compose is popular (docs)


Gaston and UnicodePlots

From the compose docs:

Compose was also inspired by the admirable Haskell library Diagrams

lol. That is, in fact, exactly what i was looking for, an analog to the Diagrams library in haskell.

You can use Plots.jl for this too.