Best IDE for docker in Julia?

I look for any IDE or editors suitable for working with Julia docker container.

As of now what is the best one for that? I tried JetBrains IDEs like PyCharm with unofficial Julia Plugin.
It seems to have no docker interpreter settings. Juno or VScode is rather better? Please give me advice.

Thank you.

What is a “docker interpreter”? I don’t think you really need any explicit support from an IDE to use Julia in Docker. I use Docker and Julia together for CI, and use vim+terminal REPL as an “IDE”, and that works perfectly fine.

If you indicate what you’re specifically trying to do and what your needs are, I could give you a more helpful answer.

There is JupyterLab + code-server + Julia

In VS Code and the Docker-Extension(Windows) all docker commands are available
in the terminal(if you mean that as a “docker interpreter”?)

Julia can be used normal.

Or did you mean something like “Docker in Docker?”. I dont try this, but that should be possible too.

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