Benchmarking Error, Invalid Active Developer Path

Hi, I was following this lecture: Julia is fast! | JuliaAcademy (the one about benchmarking) and I was running into some problems.
Here is the cell I ran and the error that I got.

Also I just downloaded it from the github page and was going through it and made no additional edits.

I’m not too sure how to fix it, does anyone know what is wrong?

It looks like the code in question is assuming you have a C compiler (gcc) installed. From the particular error message, it would appear that you are on mac. Try typing gcc at your system command line and then follow the instructions to install developer tools, or otherwise install gcc.

Thank you @brenhinkeller. However, I still have an error. Correct I am on MacOS. I just installed gcc via homebrew. Then I restarted my computer. I typed in “gcc” in my terminal and saw this:

So I think I have it installed because I didn’t say that it couldn’t recognize the command or anything like that.
But then I reran this code on my notebook and still got the same error message. Is there anything else that may be causing this issue?

Edit: Something to note is that now above the stack trace is an IO error where as before it was a failed process. I can only include one image per post rn, so see the reply for the other screenshot.

Just to show the rest of the stacktrace and IO error