Batched Matrix solve in CUDA.jl

Is there a way to perform batched matrix inversion/ldiv in CUDA.jl, ie:

Yi = Ri \ Xi

where Ri is NxN, and Yi and Xi are NxM, with N and M small (~12). I need to solve a large number of these systems, e.g. 1 < i < 50k. Obviously making multiple GPU calls in a loop will be highly inefficient for small N,M and CUDA provides several relevant batched methods, e.g. cusolverDnpotrsBatched() or cublasgetrsBatched().

I don’t believe the current CUDA.jl implementations of inv or ldiv support these batched calls. Is there a workaround or a roadmap for implementing this in CUDA.jl?

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Is CUDA.jl/cublas.jl at master · JuliaGPU/CUDA.jl · GitHub what you are looking for?

Take a look at this discussion: Accelerate solving many matrix problems - #9 by clinton