How to set Base.LOAD_CACHE_PATH in julia 1.x.

LOAD_CACHE_PATH is dead, unfortunately. See

You can kinda use DEPOT_PATH to do the same thing, but it can be inconvenient.

Too bad. I have a home dir shared by many different machines (os/proc type). I need to have different build place for each machine.

DEPOT_PATH defines the location /Users/monty/.julia

So i will need /Users/monty/.julia-redhat, /Users/monty/.julia-linux, /Users/monty/.julia-ubuntu14, /Users/monty/.julia-ubuntu16, etc.

is this the way to go?

I think you can have the top entry of the DEPOT_PATH be the machine-specific Base.LOAD_CACHE_PATH and the second and later entries be the shared source locations.

I think it is painful and challenging to use DEPOT_PATH. this will requires to keep multiple copies of many packages. It will be easier if only the complied versions are stored in different directories.

this is what LOAD_CACHE_PATH was doing.

I am not sure, but I think that you still have to keep working with DEPOT_PATH, because when you build the package you can get architecture-dependant binaries inside the build subdirectory ?

Like LOAD_CACHE_PATH, this is still an array of locations. The first is the place to store outputs, all of them are the place to read inputs.

I did not realize this. Let me try it. Thank you very much!