Axis tick label position in GeoMakie

I am currently trying out GeoMakie. I have an issue with axis tick labels appearing on the axis or inside the figure.

Is there an a simple way to simply shift all x position of y ticks and all y position of x tick or does one need to fully do it manually (as in here)?

Here’s an example:

… and a data-free MWE:

using GeoMakie
function MWE()
    x = LinRange(44., 48., 100)
    y = LinRange( 7.,  8., 100)
    fig = Figure()
    ax  = GeoAxis(fig[1, 1], 
        xlabel = L"Longitude [$\degree$]", 
        ylabel = L"Latitute [$\degree$]", 
        lonlims = (minimum(x), maximum(x)), 
        latlims = (minimum(y), maximum(y)),
        xlabelsize=20, ylabelsize=20, xticklabelsize=20, yticklabelsize=20
    image!(ax, x, y, zeros(length(x), length(y)))
    ax.aspect = ((x[end]-x[begin])/ (y[end]-y[begin]))

EDIT: The solution presented there based on xticklabelalign does not appear to work any longer.

Hi @Gravlax !

I am having the same problem! Did you find any work around?

I opened an issue in GeoMakie.jl project:

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