Axis label rotation in Makie LScene

Hi all, after a long journey in the Makie doc, Beautiful Makie website and Julia discourse, I decided to post my question.

When playing with LScene, we can easily get the following visualization


Code to reproduce the figure

fig = Figure()
ax = LScene(fig[1,1])
axis = ax.scene[OldAxis]
axis[:names, :axisnames] = ("xlabel", "ylabel", "zlabel")

My problem here is that the labels are not aligned along the axes. I am aware that Axis3 does this perfectly by default, but I want to do this with LScene.

More specifically, I would like to:

  • rotate xlabel by an angle of +/- 90° around the z-axis
  • same for ylabel
  • rotate zlabel by an angle of +/- 90° around the y-axis

My question is : Is it actually possible ?

My unsuccessful attempt

style = axis[:names]
style[:rotation] = pi/2  
# This rotates zlabel and ylabel only. Both labels are parallel!  

Thanks for your help.