Automatic x/y lims cut off markers

when using large markers, the edge of the marker is outside of the x / y lims.


   markersize=60, marker='◯', 


Should the auto x/y lims take into account the markersize/shape?

Is there an easy way to extend the lims in a smart way?

You can compute how far you’d have to extend the limits so that the markers would stay away from the edges far enough not to clip. But if they’re too large there will be no solution, or you’ll have to make the limits really huge which is kind of bad for readability

How does the markersize map to the x and y units?

For my case, i realized it was easier to use arc since i could know exactly the extent.

If you want markers in data space size you can also do that with scatter

Otherwise, you have to relate the axis size to its limits to know how much screen space maps to how much data space