I made a Julia package for audio synthesis. It allows you to schedule synthesizers to turn on and off at various times, and record or play the results. I’ve worked pretty hard on performance and it’s multi-threaded, so hopefully that will keep gaps in sound when playing in real time down to a minimum. Docs are here:


Heh, pretty cool! If you want to put this to JuliaMusic just let me know!


@Datseries if you think the package would be a good fit for the organization, then I’d love to be part of it.

Can you share some of your creations based on it?

Hmm, well I mostly created the package to support which is still a work in progress. But I’ve been using it to compose music and I’m hoping to at least a couple tracks ready by the end of quarantine.

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Have you looked into Pythagorean tuning?

Having music sequencer tools that deal with Pythagorean tuning would be great!


Yes, you should be able to use Justly to compose using a Pythagorean tuning, or for that matter, any tuning based on rational pitch ratios

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hahaha very nice way to give an open ended deadline I guess :smiley: