[ANN] Justly.jl: a package for composing music in just intonation

Hi all, I just published Justly, a package for composing music in just intonation. I’ve written a tutorial in the README. To be able publish it, I’ve written the docs for QML, cross-compiled PulseAudio and its unholy number of dependencies, helped get PortAudio published, and written a separate package to schedule synthesizers. Even after all that work, Justly is slow at first while compiling and gets overwhelmed easily (a bit like me, I guess). But, I think it’s the only user-friendly-ish tool that one can use to compose music in just intonation. I’ve even though about writing an article about it for a music journal (if anyone has any leads). I probably should focus on publishing in my own field first, but.



How possible it is to give a MIDI file into your package and output a composition in just notation?

Eh, not really possible. The issue is that MIDI contains much less information than something written in Justly does. For example, if you write an interval of a seventh, which seventh do you want? 7/4? 9/5? That said, Justly should make rewriting it in just intonation as painless as possible.


@Datseries the opposite is not hard at all though. The master version of Justly has function to translate Justly into (ugly) MusicXML.

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