Audio processing in Julia

Hi, I want to make some operations with an mp3 file or WAV file, like splitting, but idk how to make it in Julia, i saw that the pkgs LibSndFile.jl, AudioIO.jl and WAV.jl don’t work well, is there any library that will help me with that issue?

Hi @minifdez11 - AudioIO.jl has been deprecated for a long time, but the other two should still be fine. Can you clarify what didn’t work for you?

Unfortunately neither one supports MP3 files though, so you’ll have to convert to a different format (I use FLAC for lossless and Ogg for lossy), both of which should work with LibSndFile.jl.

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Hi @ssfrr, I’m trying to split the audio in chunks of a specific length (in seconds) but I’m only able to do it by bytes, not seconds.
Is there any way to split those audios in seconds instead of bytes? I didn’t find a way to do it.

Thanks in advance!

Can you share what you’ve tried?

There are some examples in the README, I think the second one is doing what you describe, if I understand you correctly.

I was trying an example in the Readme, but I just solved the problem.
Thanks for helping me!

I had a FLAC file > 1GB and wanted to split it into several files. But failed at loading it into julia using FileIO::load, any recommendation on the size limit of audio which can be properly handled by Julia? or the right way to handle large audio files? Why other softwares like ffmpeg sox can handle very large files?