Atom Juno stopped providing backtraces with in-function line numbers



Since the latest updates of Juno, the line numbers no longer reference the specific location of any errors, and instead refer to the initial function call. This is true with both the legacy console and the integrated repl.

function willfail()
  i::Int = 2.5



LoadError: InexactError()
while loading C:\[...]\test.jl, in expression starting on line 6
in  at base\task.jl:80
in macro expansion at Atom\src\eval.jl:99 
in hideprompt at Atom\src\repl.jl:59
in withpath at Atom\src\eval.jl:38
in withpath at CodeTools\src\utils.jl:30
in  at Atom\src\eval.jl:104