Artifacts: Can basic authentication be used?

I am using the Julia Artifacts system and setting up a Artifacts.toml file where the binaries are for internal private usage. We are using something like JFrog Artifactory, where one typically does Basic authentication upon requests. Is it possible to add basic authentication somehow to the Artifacts.toml file without exposing username and password?

The idea is to be able to do something akin to this when Julia uses artifact"someresource" to access some resources mentioned in the Artifacts.toml file:

julia> r = HTTP.request(:GET, "");

The normal examples of Artifacts.toml files don’t show any examples using authentication. Here is just an example:

git-tree-sha1 = "43563e7631a7eafae1f9f8d9d332e3de44ad7239"
lazy = true

    url = ""
    sha256 = "e65d2f13f2085f2c279830e863292312a72930fee5ba3c792b14c33ce5c5cc58"

The idea is that instead of this GitHub URL I would use some JFrog Artifactory URL which might require authentication.

Note that Artifacts.toml can only handle tarballs with these extensions. For your use-case I think DataDeps.jl would be a better fit, which I believe also supports authentication

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Okay, my example was perhaps a bit bad, as I am actually intending to download binaries for different architectures. But I suppose what specifically you are downloading with DataDeps.jl doesn’t matter. I looked at BinDeps.jl but this seems to be about defining building rules. That might be interesting as well. But at the moment, I primarily looking for a way to fetch binaries stored on JFrog, which is used by my package. Basically I am trying to hack together a solution for OpenCV since BinaryBuilder is not up and running for it yet.

BinDeps.jl isn’t really developed anymore, lots of maintainability issues. Artifacts are good if you’re OK with their restrictions (only tarballs, no way to handle authentication, etc…), otherwise I’d use DataDeps.jl

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