ArrayInterface not available on Storage Server?

I am unable to fetch the latest version of ArrayInterface (3.1.40) from the us-east storage server:

3.1.39 is also unavailable:

but 3.1.38 IS available:

Is this to be expected?

Thank you for the bug report, this was due to a bug in the StorageServer that was also independently reported to me, and has since been fixed. You can verify that all resources are available now.

In the future, if there are resources that are advertised in the registries.conservative treehash but not able to be downloaded, feel free to ping me, and I will take a look as to why there’s a “hole” in our storage server.

The /registries.conservative endpoint is a very recent change that allows users to stick to either an “eager” registry, where some resources may not have been processed by the storage server yet, or a “conservative” registry, where every resource will at least have been attempted to be stored. To check, first hit, take note of the treehash that the PkgServer advertises (each line of that file is /registries/$(uuid)/$(treehash)), then match that treehash with a commit in General, using something like this tool.