Include git-tree-sha1 and giturl for registries in Manifest.toml?

just stumbled upon creating an old example from a Manifest file.
It does not instantiate… because packages are no longer available from the registry (for my case it is DiffBase, but that does not matter).

It seems apt to include everything needed to actually reconstruct the project into the Manifest.toml. Hence it might be good to add the following:

  • julia version
  • all required registries, including git-tree-sha1 and giturl

what do you think?


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What should happen if I am activating this project for a non-matching version?

AFAIK git-tree-sha1 is already included for all packages other than the standard libraries. The git repository url (repo-url) is also included for packages you add directly from the repo. As for the rest, I think the proposal above should solve it in a more robust way.