Are there any packages for finite volume simulations?

I know finite element simulations well, but I am new to the field of finite volume simulations. See: Finite volume method - Wikipedia

A comparison between finite element and finite volume methods: FEM vs. FVM | COMSOL Blog

Are there any packages or examples that use the finite volume method in Julia?

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Yes, GitHub - JuliaPDE/SurveyofPDEPackages: Survey of the packages of the Julia ecosystem for solving partial differential equations


Thank you, an impressive list!

Do you also know anything for fluid-structure interaction? I want to look at the interaction of ocean waves with floating wind turbines.


Thanks a lot, that looks great!

Trixi.jl is indeed impressive, but I do not see a capability to deal with movable obstacles (the turbine).

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Created a feature request for Trixi.jl: Allow moving objects in a flow · Issue #1805 · trixi-framework/Trixi.jl · GitHub

Just a warning: this is likely a non-trivial enhancement.

I know, just want to find out if it will be closed as “not planned” or not…