Are arrays the same as lists in Julia?

Coming from Scheme, Lisp, Haskell, lists are very important and used a lot. Is a Julia array the Julia version of a list, ie, use the same way as a list would be in Haskell or scheme?

I don’t know those languages, but I would say that a 1D array (also called Vector) is similar to a list in python. The major difference from a python list that tripped me up when I first came from python is that arrays are typed, so if you have an array of integers, you can’t put in a string for example.


TLDR is yes.
That said they’re are a few alternatives to consider depending on your use case. The biggest 2 are Tuples and StaticArrays


For the sake of completeness, it should be added that however you can make arrays of type Any, where you can put integers together with strings and whatever else you want, e.g. [1, "hello", false]


Julia arrays are like scheme vectors. The closest thing to a scheme pair (cons a b) is the tuple (a,b) (but they don’t get used in julia in the way you use cons all over the place in scheme)


A possibly important or possibly irrelevant difference:
Lists in Scheme and Haskell are immutable singularly linked lists.
Julia’s arrays are dynamic arrays. Specialness they have over e.g. C arrays is they are growable, and infact efficiently growable from both ends.
Julia arrays are more like Java’s, C++'s, scheme etc;s Vector, and like Python’s list.

Arrays and linked lists have very different performance characteristics.
and different APIs