ApproxFun causes Jupyter to hang

Hey everyone, I’m currently trying to use ApproxFun in a Jupyter notebook, but the cell containing Using ApproxFun never terminates. I can load ApproxFun fine (albeit a bit slowly) in the terminal

Is this a known issue? Is there a known workaround?

Thanks in advance!

Here is what I get with julia 1.0 on windows 10.

julia> @time using ApproxFun
30.295569 seconds (61.13 M allocations: 4.873 GiB, 3.71% gc time)

In Jupyter notebook

@time using ApproxFun
29.376509 seconds (61.04 M allocations: 4.867 GiB, 3.57% gc time)

I think the issue here is why so slow to load and huge allocations.

Are those 4.867 GiB allocated all at once? My computer has only 4…

No, it is the total allocation during the execution of the command.

There are compiler regressions in Julia v1.0 that cause this large compile time, I believe due to large union types. The issue starts with the pack LowRankApprox.jl, which has many StridedArray overrides.

Hopefully this issue will be resolved in 1.x.

Sure, but they could still be allocated almost all at once or one GiB at a time. They could be retained or freed for all @time tells us