Pandas.jl hangs sometimes with query function


I’m developing an algorithm using Pandas.jl (V0.6.3) to process small dataframes (max 422 rows, 2 columns). The algorithm was working last week without problems. However, this week it hangs when calling query function from Pandas.jl within a for block.

Last friday I installed DataFrames (v0.11.7) and Glob (v1.1.1) packages. It is weird that the point where query function hangs is different from run to run.

CPU is consuming almost 100% and memory consumption is growing slowly but without end. I´m using Julia v0.6.3 in Windows 10 x64.

How can I solve the hanging? Is it related with the new packages installation?

Thanks in advance,

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Can you post a reproducible issue to Once you do, I’ll take a look into fixing it.