Applicative sequences: make, edit, store, apply


others have done something this well (afair)

I have some .csv files with two columns: timestamp, measure and a panoply of operators (some go to timestamp, others to measures).

I hope to provide a welcome and performant way for others to specify (name, save, edit, and use then store) their preferred succession of operators/mappings along with the source+sink of choice.

More than one applicative sequence may be engaged (each with its own view of the data) and there must be a way to combine their respective determinations / values when each is done. This combining is done following “the rest of”/“another, linked” preferred succession.




+2 for responding

Query would get me 1/3 of the way … I am looking for an example of a domain specific language that composes functions and applies them to/within a data array and then says “hello, let’s look at the result.” With an example of a DSL that is constructed using other tools … I’d try the both.


Do you have some code to show? It is hard to understand what you mean because you use so general terms, perhaps some code or attempt an implementation could clarify.