AoG Attributes and/or Post-Plot Environment Stacking?

I have an AlgebraOfGraphics.Layers object drawn in my package environment which has CairoMakie as a dependency. I now find myself needing to zoom in.

I assume there is an axis option I can use to set xlimits and ylimits when I re-draw, but I don’t know how to find it. The documentation just states that attributes exist and can be customized.

draw(d; axis=NamedTuple(), figure=NamedTuple, palettes=NamedTuple())

Draw a AlgebraOfGraphics.AbstractDrawable object d . In practice, d will often be a AlgebraOfGraphics.Layer or AlgebraOfGraphics.Layers. The output can be customized by giving axis attributes to axis , figure attributes to figure , or custom palettes to palettes .

How can I find the available attributes and their possible values?

Alternatively, is there a way I can draw the existing Layers object with GLMakie (in my current package
environment REPL) without adding GLMakie to my package dependencies? I’m envisioning adding GLMakie to a shared environment, stacking that environment on top of my package environment, and then forcing draw to use the shared environment GLMakie?