Video about Mapping Data to Color Using Array Attributes in Makie

Hi All:

This community has helped me to learn Makie and I am trying to give back. I made a video about mapping data to color using array attributes. See here:

Mapping Data to Colors in Makie.jl Using Array Attributes (guide for grammar-of-graphics lovers)

Please feel free to critique and comment on my code or presentation as I am just learning. The code is on github (link).

Thanks to all the Makie devs and discourse participants for guidance. -Adam


Looks very nice! I just scrolled to the video (can’t use sound right now) so maybe my answer is in there, but I’m wondering if you know of AlgebraOfGraphics? I think you might like it (see Tutorial 🐧 · Algebra of Graphics).

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Thanks for the comment and suggestion! I absolutely love the potential of AlgebraOfGraphics(AOG) and meant to talk about in the video, but the video got too long and I omitted this discussion.

My biggest problem with AOG is that it is not a complete graphical system compared to something like ggplot2 in R. So what ends up happening for me when I want to customize a plot, I need to use a lot of Makie syntax and the combination of Makie + AOG syntax ends up like some kind of Frankenstein’s monster. See this discussion for example: Replacing only the data layer of points in a Makie figure with protrusions

So if I go into a plotting objective and there is a chance I might want to customize things, I stay in pure Makie. If I am doing some exploratory analysis and am less concerned about final formatting, then AOG is really cool and helpful. If I am learning a viz system in Julia for the first time, mastering the main components of Makie (e.g. figure, axis, plot, plotting functions(scatterplot, lines,barpot), legend, colorbar) should come first as AOG is incomplete and hence, that is why I currently focused my lesson on learning to manually do the mappings in Makie.


Thank you. I have watched it. Please continue making videos.

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