Any way to tell if there is any variable defined but not used?



Is there a tool like in Matlab that can tell if any defined variables are not used at all?



Maybe the Lint.jl package is what you are looking for?


Wow, this is exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks!!


I’m trying to call lintpkg and it throws the following error

julia> lintpkg("FastSum")
ERROR: "cannot find path: /home/calvin/.julia/v0.5/FastSum/src/FastSum.jl"
 in #lintpkg#87(::Void, ::Function, ::String) at /home/calvin/.julia/v0.5/Lint/src/Lint.jl:52
 in lintpkg(::String) at /home/calvin/.julia/v0.5/Lint/src/Lint.jl:45

This is a package/module that I wrote by myself. What might be the cause of this error? Thanks!!


Is the module in the directory /home/calvin/.julia/v0.5/FastSum/src/FastSum.jl?
Otherwise, if it is in another directory, you should set LOAD_PATH to point to the place where the module is:

push!(LOAD_PATH, "path/to/my/package")


Thanks for the hint.

The actual code for the module is not in /home/calvin/.julia/v0.5/FastSum/src/FastSum.jl and the location of the actual code is included in the current path. That’s why I’m puzzled.


Did you try to push! the current path into LOAD_PATH? Modules are only loaded from LOAD_PATH.

EDIT: I see it as well.


Lint.jl currently does not respect LOAD_PATH. This is a known bug.


Maybe you are interested linter-julia in Atom editor (Juno).