Module Not Reloading

I had a personal module that worked back in Julia 0.4.8 and I am in the process of updating it to Julia 0.6. I’ve updated all the syntax, but I have to change the name of the module from “Lattices” to “Lattices2” to get it to work.

Even though my “Lattices.jl” file has been updated to the new version, when I try using Lattices, I not only get errors about a package I don’t call anymore, but also none of my variables and functions get imported.

I’ve tried reload("Lattices"), but that does not help at all.

Perhaps Pkg.rm("Lattices") and then rename your Lattices2. Alt. remove it manually in .julia/v0.6/.

Pkg.rm("Lattices") gives INFO: Package Lattices is not installed.

There is nothing to remove in ./julia/v0.6 either.

Then it has to exist in a folder that is set in the LOAD_PATH variable.

Does “.” count?

Do you have a file/directory containing old Lattices module in your current directory?
If so, then remove it.
In any case, why do you want “.” in your LOAD_PATH?

Found the problem. The same package existed elsewhere in on my computer. I thought I was loading the local one, but I was loading one at a different location.

Thanks for your time, and sorry it ended up being so silly. But I guess the problem is usually silly.