Any plans to distribute Julia through the W10 store?

Even though the Microsoft store on W10 is not as popular as other platforms, I don’t think it’s too difficult a job to distributed Julia through the Microsoft store. Recently Python 3.7 was put in the store. I am not sure what their rational was, but to me it dosn’t seem like a bad thing to do.

Some PROS:

  • Sandboxed
  • Installs to the users %appdata% folder (I am fairly certain that’s where it installs now).
  • Add UWP features if needed.
  • Increased reach and exposure.

Link to MS documentation:


That’s a big CON to me.:slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t know about the store (don’t use it) and/or such plans. But maybe chocolatey is interesting for you? I had/wanted to setup a side Windows 10 system and installed almost everything via those packages, i.e. in the case of :

choco install julia

and done.