Any lib for getting Hong Kong stock data?

I have tried Alpha Vantage, that I can plot chart easily, but it seems no way to retrieve Hong Kong stock data. Does any lib. supporting for it? If really no way then I considering to try it by python …

Btw, as I am interesting to detect the VCP model, any of you experience on it please advise me.

Many many thanks!~~

I would take a look at the HTTP.jl package and then just find an API that you can call (here is one that came up after a quick Google search). To be honest, I’ve never really understood the value in packages that are built to call one specific API - IMHO your time is much better spent learning a little bit about how APIs work and how to call them from your programming language of choice, and then you don’t need a library to do it. I would highly recommend Postman for practicing/experimenting with API calls. Postman will actually generate code examples in multiple languages for API calls that you have set up within that application - unfortunately, Julia isn’t on the list (who can we light a fire under to make that happen?! :smile:).

8 or 9 times out of 10 you just need to make a GET request to a REST API and include an API key either in the header of the request or as a parameter. You probably also will need to include some query string parameters to narrow down the data returned. Figure out how to do that and then you’ll be liberated from needing a library to get data via an API.


You can try MarketData.jl. There is a function for querying data from Yahoo.