Any Go/Baduk/Weiqi players?

Are there any go/baduk/weiqi players in the Julia community?

I’ve played Go before I think, but have more experience with Othello (although off-hand I couldn’t tell you the differences).

If you’re interested in Go in Julia, there’s a Julia version of the AlphaGo Zero experiment that you can play against here:

There has been some criticism of it being a little easy (, but it’s a neat application and open-source so you could iterate on it if you so choose.

I’m not playing actively nowadays but am a co-author of GNU Go and have been involved in some go-related theoretical research like and GitHub - GunnarFarneback/GoGameGraphs.


I used to play on that back in 2007. Awesome

I play a little go. On with one friend at a rate of about 2-3 games per year… It sure is one of the best games.
I also used GNU Go, way-back. Thanks @GunnarFarneback for your efforts there!


I used to hover around 1 kyu - 1 dan on KGS but that was years ago, haven’t played vs humans at all since. But I’ve been closely following the incredible AlphaZero developments and greatly enjoyed the experience of getting completely destroyed by Leela Zero last year.

I have been the french go champion in 1979 and 2006. I am 5dan EGF


I used to play infrequently in a local pub. I might still do, except for the pandemic. I’m 5 kyu. At some point I mostly watched it on youtube.

Right now I mostly do chess puzzles.

I just picked it up together with my 7yo son, we only have <10 games under our belt. GNU go is also already installed, thank you for this!

I play every now and then. I used to play frequently (mostly on KGS) until ~5-6 years ago, now I just play occasionally on (which I find amazing).

OGS is an awesome site!

I like OGS as well. Shame there isn’t enough players

I was around 1 kyu 20 years ago :smile:, and I still occasionally play. Just checked OGS - it looks really cool.

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didn’t know that. hope to catch a game with u sometime.

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btw I did some simulation of the Chunlan cup from quarter final about to begin to today. Using Julia of course.

The big two Shin Jinseo and Ke Jie has a 51% and 30% chance of winning the tournament outright.