Any examples of how to rotate a grid of points?

I found two packages of interest Rotations.jl and ReferenceFraneRotations.jl - does anyone happen to know an example where it is used to rotate for example a grid of points 45 degrees? I have found a function to generate a grid like this:

function creategrid(d::Integer, dp::Number)

   @assert d >= 1 ("d (number of dimensions) must be a positive integer")

   r = range(-1, 1, step = dp)

   iter = Iterators.product((r for _ in 1:d)...)

   return vec([collect(i) for i in iter])


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Since you have 2D grids and seemingly simple rotations, it may be more instructive to write the rotation matrix in this case:

rotgrid(grd, θ) = [cos(θ) -sin(θ); sin(θ) cos(θ)] * grd

grd = creategrid(2, 0.05)
rgrd = rotgrid.(grd, π/4)

using GLMakie
scene = scatter(first.(grd), last.(grd), color=:blue, markersize=5, axis=(aspect=DataAspect(), ))
scatter!(first.(rgrd), last.(rgrd), color=:red, markersize=5)


Thanks for this suggestion!

If I would want to do the rotation around a specific point, let us say the bottom right corner, how would I do that?

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To rotate around any point P0:

You can do:

grd = creategrid(2, 0.05)
P0 = [-1,-1]    # point of rotation
rgrd = rotgrid.(grd .- Ref(P0), π/4)  .+ Ref(P0)

Thank you very much Rafael :slight_smile:

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