Announcing `InteractiveChaos`

Hi everyone,

I’d like to announce a new package we have been working on from JuliaDynamics, namely InteractiveChaos. It offers interactive applications for exploring chaotic systems!

The package is extending the DynamicalSystems.jl framework, which means that you can use it for any dynamical system you want. For the interactivity and plotting part we use Makie, Interact, Observables and Blink!

You can find the documentation here:

I have to warn you that in the future this package will become “independent”. It will have its own documentation page, etc., because we will be adding interactive applications for billiards as well!

I want to thank very much Simon Danish and Sebastian Micluța-Câmpeanu for support!!!

Currently in beta, version 0.3, we have 3 distinct interactive applications you can use. Here are the mandatory cool videos:


These videos are so cool! I also love how snappy the redraw is.