Announcement: JuMP 0.15 released

Just in time for Hanukkah, we’re pleased to announce the release of JuMP 0.15.

Most visibly, this release deprecates the use of the curly-brace syntax sum{}, prod{}, and norm2{} in favor of the new generator syntax (sum(), prod(), and norm()) available in Julia 0.5. This change was previously announced back in July.

We have also smoothed over some rough edges of the anonymous macro syntax x = @variable(m, [i=1:N]) which was introduced in JuMP 0.14. As a result, we are now printing warnings in cases where the anonymous syntax should be used over the named macro syntax. For example:

@variable(m, x[1:9])
@variable(m, x)

has always silently reassigned to x on the second line, creating endless confusion. This usage now prints a warning, and instead you can write

x = @variable(m, [1:9])
x = @variable(m)

which more clearly shows what’s happening.

See NEWS for a more complete list of changes in this release. We’re happy to have received a number of substantial contributions from outside the core JuMP team, including from @yeesian, @leethargo, @blegat, and @ExpandingMan.


thanks for this release especially for anonymous variable changes