[ANN] Zabbix.jl: Julia wrapper over Zabbix APIs



I created a new package by the name of Zabbix.jl for working with Zabbix which is a hugely popular open source monitoring system. It supports the all the methods provided by the Zabbix API.

Any feedbacks/PRs and Github :star: are welcome :slight_smile:


Do you plan to register the package in METADATA.jl? That would make it easier for people to try.



Hi Kevin,
I really tried too but couldn’t. There were some errors while I was doing PkgDev.publish() and I tried to raise a PR twice but failed.

Any help here would be much appreciated.


Just use Attobot.


Ohkay, should I take a fresh fork of METADATA.jl and the try with Attobot ?


You don’t even need to fork METADATA. It’ll do it for you.


Oh great! I will post an update here when I have successfully raised a PR.


Done! Here is the PR , must say Attobot is awesome :slight_smile:


@kevin.squire, the package is now added to METADATA.jl, you can now install it using Pkg.add("Zabbix").
Let me know if you want to have a quick demo for this package, I will be happy to give it to you over Skype/Zoom/Hangouts.

Cheers!! :high_brightness:



For a demo, it might be useful to record a video and upload to youtube. Many users find it useful.