[ANN] WorldDynamics.jl - A Julia package for integrated assessment modeling

We are happy to announce WorldDynamics.jl, a Julia package for global integrated assessment modeling.
The goal of the package is to allow people interested in integrated assessment modeling to benefit from the wonderful ecosystem that Julia offers for scientific computing.

The package currently leverages ModelingToolkit’s system composability features to reimplement Club of Rome’s famous World3 model and Forrester’s World2 model, allowing the reproduction of their simulations and exploring them interactively with PlotlyJS.
Here is a superposition of an original picture from the Dynamics of Growth book, and the corresponding one produced with the package (notice that we solve a continuous version of the original equations, hence the oscillations we don’t see in the 5-year discretization of the book):

You can already find a tutorial in the docs, and we hope to add more in the coming weeks!

The package is still in an early stage.
Feel free to suggest features, open issues, PRs, or simply express your support by giving us a star on GitHub :star:


nice but… I always tought that the main reason the predictions of the Limits to Growth showed to be too pessimistic were indeed because the underlining model wasn 't an IAN, having no economy/price feedbacks, and that is where Nordhaus built from to write its DICE model…

@sylvaticus we started by implementing World3 (and 2) for historical reasons and because it is still very influential, but our hope is to contribute to an ecosystem that will eventually allow to compare and integrate all famous models. Perhaps the package name choice is a bit equivocal…

This is really nice! Is there a roadmap somewhere? Cheers!

Thanks @Balinus!
We’ll try to add a roadmap to the README soon.
Besides improving the present code, the next big step will be to add another model, chosen among Earth4All, DICE or World3-03.