[ANN] TypeDBClient.jl - interface to the TypeDB Knowledge Graph


we would like to announce a package that we are working on for the last 6 months or so. It’s called GraknClient.jl and is a client to the Grakn Knowledge Graph Database.

It is still work in progress, so do not expect a working thing yet.

Still, there will be some talk at the GraknOrbit convention next week 22nd of April, 17:15 London Time, where you can register for free.

If you are interested in what we have achieved so far and how this project is set up, this talk would give you an insight.

Apart from that you can check out the GitHub repo here: GitHub - Humans-of-Julia/GraknClient.jl: A client interface to read from and write to the Grakn Knowledge Graph

Or visit us on Discord in the #graknclient channel on the Humans of Julia Discord server here :: https://discord.gg/C5h9D4j

Thanks for your interest!



Reflecting on the name change of the company from Grakn to Vaticle and from GraknDB to TypeDB, we will adjust the package as well to be TypeDBClient.jl.

Here is the talk also, for anybody interested!