GraphDB packages or solutions

Is there any graphdb-like package that allows for more complex pattern queries and sub-graph retrieval (similar to neo4j’s or grakn’s). Metagraphs+Lightgraphs is the only thing I have found so far.

I have not heard of anything so far - but there seems to be some effort to create a grakn client for Julia: GitHub - Humans-of-Julia/GraknClient.jl: A client interface to read from and write to the Grakn Knowledge Graph.

Do you have a specific use case?

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I was hoping for neo4j as grakn seems to have too steep learning curve. Basically my use-case revolves around using graph-db semantics (structure of the query and of data) to drive a planning like algorithm that retrieves and stitches together code. Metagraphs.jl may be enough however I would have to craft specific some sort query/retrieval syntax myself…

MetaGraphs does not have indices - but then I am not so familiar with graph databases - so i don’t know if these even have indices.

I discovered that there are actually 2 Neo4j packages - not sure how well maintained they are at the monment:

There is GitHub - JuliaGraphs/GraphDataFrameBridge.jl: Tools for interoperability between DataFrame objects and LightGraphs and MetaGraphs objects, maybe it is easier to query a MetaGraph using the tools available for data frames.

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We are working on the graknclient yea and while I didn’t look into Neo4j much yet, the graknclient will take some time to be available. Also Grakn is doing a major version jump soon with a lot of changes internally. The query language qraql itself is quite simple I’d say. Happy to answer any questions though. It’s worth to check out imo.

Thanks. The Bolt-support package seems to be broken in my case and the other one looks outdated (have to manually clone it and see what can be done in that case).

I will probably have to implement the Metagraph querying mechanism myself.

Had a look at grakn and seems a very nice project but a bit overkill for my use case.

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