ANN: SPMD mode in DistributedArrays.jl



Hi all,

DistributedArrays.jl now has a basic SPMD mode for running Julia functions MPI style over distributed data. Would love to hear any feedback about the feature.

Please see



What is an SPMD mode?


Very nice! Couldn’t recvfrom_any be a method of recvfrom?


What is an SPMD mode?

Single Program Multiple Data. In this case the same function is executed in parallel on all participating nodes. This is the typical style of MPI programs where the same program is executed on all processors. A very basic subset of MPI-like primitives have been implemented which can be expanded in due course. As a programming model it should appeal to folks coming from an MPI background as its something they are familiar with.


Yes, it can. Good suggestion.


Thanks. It would be good to include this paragraph or similar explanation in the readme. In particular, unexplained acronyms should be banned in general!