[ANN] RSDeltaSigmaPort (ΔΣ Toolbox)

(Before someone inevitably starts their own port from scratch again…)
RSDeltaSigmaPort.jl: A Port of Richard Schreier’s Delta Sigma Toolbox!:


  • Tries to stick to the overall structure of the original toolbox.
  • Not trying to alter the API to be more Julian (Some other package can use the DeltaSigma.jl package name for that).
  • Julia port should make it easier to develop/manipulate models (Julia still has many language advantages over alternatives).


  • Trying to improve readability by using Julia features and abstracting away plotting details.


Ported the following high-level functions:

  • evalTF
  • calculateSNR , peakSNR , predictSNR
  • synthesizeNTF
  • simulateSNR , simulateDSM

And demos:

  • dsdemo1 , dsdemo2

See link: “Notebooks” for a Jupyter preview (with outputs) of what can be done.
*(stored on an adjacent repo to avoid bloating the code repo).

Status described here might be out of date. See repo for more up-to-date info.


I don’t see any information about what the package is for for those of us who have no idea what delta sigma is.

I didn’t think that anything could be worse than abbreviations in package names (or in general), but I hadn’t reckoned with abbreviations in Greek!


it’s a package for designing and analyzing delta-sigma converters.


Sorry about that. I know people who work in the field would recognize it as a tool to simulate ΔΣ-modulator circuits (well known circuit in its field). But then I incorrectly figured those who didn’t know what it meant would just ignore it.

I wasn’t really thinking someone might want a better description to figure out if they might have a use for this toolbox.

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