[ANN] RemoteS.jl

I’m pleased to announce the RemoteS.jl package to deal mainly with EOS satellite data.

See examples in the Gallery to get the feeling of this package

Satellite imagery is such a large field that much of the promised features have not been tested. Testing, feature requests, code contribution etc… are very welcome.


Awesome work! Congratulations!

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Cool stuff, I was trying to do something sort of similar a while ago with RemoteSensing.jl

I’m probably not going to do anything with that repo. I would be happy to transfer and/or delete if you would prefer to use that repo name.

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@Crghilardi Thanks for the offering. Yes, when I was looking for a name I looked into your package and saw the name was taken. But a bit after having come out with RemoteS I started to like that name. It’s a light name, while RemoteSensing seems to bare a heavy responsibility :sweat:

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