ANN: PyJulia 0.2 is released with Julia 1.0 support

We are happy to announce that PyJulia 0.2 is released! It now supports Julia 1.0 as well as 0.6.


  • Importing Julia modules to Python now “just works” without any setup. You can run from julia import Base, Main, YourFavoriteModule without any configuration step.
  • Julia objects in a module are pulled into Python only when necessary. It makes importing Julia modules fast.
  • Virtual environment support (with a bit of restriction).
  • More informative error message in case PyJulia is ill-configured.
  • Limited support for Debian-family and conda (relevant for Julia ≥ 0.7). Unfortunately, fully supporting Julia 1.0 for all platforms is not straightforward (yet). However, we find a few workarounds to help you start using PyJulia in such platforms.

Finally, important notice: Use IPython 7.0 or above for comfortable (:= segfault-free) interactive usage.

For more information, see GitHub - JuliaPy/pyjulia: python interface to julia

Acknowledgments: @rdeits did the initial 0.7/1.0 support. Special thanks to @stevengj for reviewing my patches and familiarizing me with PyCall/PyJulia codebase!