ANN: PhaseSpaceIO

I just tagged an initial release of PhaseSpaceIO. Its a package, that allows to read and write IAEA phase space files. Performance is roughly the same as the IAEA C++ implementation, usage is as follows:

julia> using PhaseSpaceIO

julia> path = joinpath(dirname(pathof(PhaseSpaceIO)), "..", "test", "assets","some_file.IAEAphsp");

julia> ps = iaea_iterator(collect,path)
1-element Array{Particle{0,1},1}:
 Particle(typ=photon, E=1.0, weight=2.0, x=3.0, y=4.0, z=5.0, u=0.53259337, v=0.3302265, w=-0.7792912, new_history=true, extra_floats=(), extra_ints=(13,))

julia> dir = mkpath(tempname())

julia> readdir(dir)
0-element Array{String,1}

julia> path = joinpath(dir, "hello")

julia> iaea_writer(path, RecordContents{0,1}()) do w
           for p in ps

julia> readdir(dir)
2-element Array{String,1}: