[ANN] PackageCompiler with incremental system images



Hi all,

I am sure this is very easy, but I am not sure I understand how to use this.

Using Julia 1.0.3, say I use:


add https://github.com/Timmmdavis/JuliaTravisTest

add PackageCompiler

build PackageCompiler

using PackageCompiler

PackageCompiler.compile_incremental("TravisTest",raw"C:\Users\username\.julia\packages\TravisTest\DirName\test\runtests.jl", force = false)

No errors :slight_smile: ;. I close and open Julia (as the compiler has snooped and complied the runtests.jl script).

using TravisTest

@time TravisTest.MrFunc(2)

0.006272 seconds (1.28 k allocations: 76.896 KiB)

@time TravisTest.MrFunc(2)

0.000007 seconds (4 allocations: 160 bytes)

Why do I still have the compile time on the first call? What have I misunderstood?


It’s amazing, that this doesn’t error… will need to look into that.

Please use the instruction I posted:

You can then start julia with the new system image file:

new_image, old_image = PackageCompiler.compile_incremental(:YourPackage, force = false);
run(`julia -J$new_image`)


Mein gott! Amazing! Just to finish of my workflow above, might be useful for someone later on.

new_image,old_image=PackageCompiler.compile_incremental("TravisTest",raw"C:\Users\username\.julia\packages\TravisTest\DirName\test\runtests.jl", force = false)

write down new image link somewhere


then assuming you can open Julia inside Julia using (exe path being the path to julia)


then opening a new julia window you define these two dirs (exeoath and new_image) and call

run(`$exepath -J $new_image`)

which opens a new julia inside the one just opened
then to finish my example above

using TravisTest
@time TravisTest.MrFunc(2)
0.000005 seconds (4 allocations: 160 bytes)

i.e. its precompiled! Note I am on Windows, apologies for the dodgy file paths and exe bits.


I tried to remove IteratorInterfaceExtensions from line 5 in Tables.jl and that way Makie compiles without error and I got rid of the warning. Also, Tables.jl is pre-compiling without error. It seems that someone has forgotten to remove the using statement after insertion of the @require statement.
I will raise this issue in the Tables.jl package.


Tables.jl reacted promptly, it’s in the master already :slight_smile:
Thanks @quinnj!