[ANN] Oxygen.jl v1.4.3 (Metrics Dashboard)

Hello, everyone!

I’m here to introduce the latest update to Oxygen.jl. This update includes a built-in metrics dashboard which provides a high-level overview of the performance and usage of your server.

After this update, you’ll see the link to the dashboard logged out below the Oxygen logo. The metrics dashboard is turned on by default, but this can be configured by setting the metrics keyword to false in the serve() and serveparallel() functions.

The dashboard is automatically mounted beneath the documentation prefix which is set to “docs” by default. If you want to move or change this, just use the configuredocs() function to change it.

Currently, the dashboard is limited to a single page and a limited set of metrics and graphs. This was done intentionally, as I wanted to gauge the interest in this feature before going more in-depth. This first version establishes a solid base for future development, with the essential infrastructure already in place for collecting and graphing internal metrics.

Overall I’m very happy with the initial results of this dashboard, it’s a unique feature that most frameworks don’t include. This should be extremely helpful for people with heavier workloads who are working on improving performance.


Lastly, I wanted to briefly mention that Oxygen provides both swagger and redoc frontends for viewing the same documentation. This wasn’t a widely publicized feature and I wanted to make sure people were at least aware of it.

  • /docs (defaults to swagger)
  • /docs/swagger
  • /docs/redoc

As we close out this post, I just wanted to thank everyone for their input & suggestions and I look forward to seeing you all in the next update!


That is so cool! I already find myself recommending Oxygen.jl often. I’m happy to add one more reason to recommend it.


Wonderful work! This has made it possible for me to deploy backend microservices in pure Julia. Earlier I was always reaching for FastAPI. Working with Oxygen.jl is a joy.


Amazing, I’m a huge fan of Oxygen.jl