[ANN] OpenQASM.jl - the OpenQASM parser for Julia

I’m excited to announce the OpenQASM parser in its 2.0 version: GitHub - QuantumBFS/OpenQASM.jl: Parsers and Tools for OpenQASM

This package provides the functionality for parsing QASM scripts for Yao ecosystem, but you can also repurpose it for other use since it is a very lightweight package. It provides parsing and pretty print and some basic tools for manipulating OpenQASM AST such as pattern matching support for MLStyle.

It also implements pretty printing of a given OpenQASM program.

The parser currently only supports OpenQASM 2.0, where you can find the specification here:

supporting OpenQASM 3.0 and validation is also on the roadmap, we are also looking for people who are interested in contributing.


Great stuff - thanks for making the package available!