[ANN] NTupleKmers.jl

Hi Everyone,

Following my earlier murmerings on Kmers and NTuples on Slack and here: Ntuple aggressive specialisation and boxed values

I decided to create an experimental package repo on BioJulia that can house my NTuple tinkerings and benchmarks. So as if I have questions I can ask people here and refer back to the repo, and if anyone was feeling generous and ever wanted to just check on it and see if it can be micro-optimised any furthur I would be hugely grateful.

Anyway, it will be over at: GitHub - BioJulia/NTupleKmers.jl: EXPERIMNTAL: Replacement for BioSequences.jl kmers, supporting much longer K. shortly.

If it goes well and performs well, it will be merged into BioSequences.jl